MD Desktop With Packaging

DAY 3 👾

I’m back 💙

Today I created MD, short for MarkDown, Desktop Previewer

Firstly, I created the App which is very simple, screenshot provided below

On Linux Distro, Ubuntu Gnome 16.04

Markdown Preview

I’ve used Electron Packager to ship it, I currently use only Linux so I’ve done shipping for that only

(1) Firstly Package it for the Current OS ( Mine is Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 )

$ electron-packager --prune . MyApp

Note : prune flag will package it without node_modules folder

(2) Then I compressed the source code into 1 file using a package called Asar

$ asar pack MyApp-linux-x64/resources/app MyApp-linux-x64/resources/app.asar

(3) Then I deleted the original source code folder

$ rm -rf MyApp-linux-x64/resources/app

(4) Then I can start the Application by simply Double Clicking It

Final Application Here

Note : If u want to Package Application to Windows, copy & paste the below code & follow from step 2

$ electron-packager . MD-PREVIEW --platform=win32 --arch=x64 --version=1.4.7

Sometimes it gives EACCES error, so for a workaround download Electron Version 1.4.7 from the official website & copy the .zip file & paste it into ~/.electron directory & it’ll work like a charm.

External Resources

Packaging and Distributing Electron Desktop Apps

Till the next time 👻